St Edmund's


Food and Meals

If our pupils are to become the best they can be, it is important they eat well and develop good attitudes towards food.

Meals of all kinds – breakfast, lunch, supper and bedtime snacks – are provided for the school by our caterers and are served by a cheerful, friendly and dedicated staff.  All food is prepared on site, and the company has a policy of providing fresh food that is nutritious, and sustainably and locally sourced.

Boarders enjoy a breakfast of cereals, toast, croissants, yoghurts and fruit as well as a changing hot option such as bacon and eggs or, in winter, porridge. Lunches can be tailored to preference and appetite, and every day a freshly made soup is on offer.  Main courses offer a choice of a meat or meat-free centrepiece, with a fresh vegetable accompaniment.  A further option is the salad bar: a choice of items can be accompanied by any or all of a range of seven or eight salad sides. 

Boarding meals (2)

Our menus cater for all tastes, and include traditional British favourites as well as dishes from around the world. For boarders, we offer a ‘home from home’ selection that allows them to combine the new with the familiar.

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Boarders’ supper is served in the evening and, again, there are hot meat-based and vegetarian dishes with salad as an alternative, and a dessert to choose from. All diets can be catered for, either for cultural, medical or religious reasons, and our Catering Manager is always happy to discuss your child’s particular requirements.