St Edmund's


Latin & Classical Civilisation

Those pupils choosing to study Classics at St Edmund’s – whether Latin, Greek or Classical Civilisation – will find it lively, relevant and valuable: as much about gaining a confident understanding of languages, culture, literature and politics today as the study of the languages of ancient Rome and Greece.

This is a supportive environment, with classes small and collaborative, and with everyone encouraged to participate. Besides grammar and vocabulary, Classics pupils learn to apply knowledge logically, analyse and make deductions. We inspire our pupils to extend their learning and achieve their best – keen to question, debate, analyse and apply their knowledge; and ready for a challenge.

Classics at St Edmund’s thrives beyond the classroom. We encourage pupils to stay abreast of new discoveries and relevant discussions, and Classical Greek is available as an extra-curricular activity. We also arrange visits to museums and to hear lectures in Canterbury and London, with regular trips to Rome offering an opportunity to experience both the ancient Romans in situ and the modern city.

Classics pupils develop skills and attributes that are attractive to employers, with the subject respected in higher education; in recent years pupils have won places at universities including Cambridge, and tasted success in national competitions.