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Learning the techniques of acting and theatre helps connect us to others and fosters creativity – sparking the imagination and inspiring original thinking, both individually and collectively. We make this experience available to all pupils, and for those wishing to study Drama formally we offer both IGCSE and A-level pathways.

The St Edmund’s Drama department is extremely successful. Our practical exams are the highest achieving and we produce fine actors: in recent years we have helped to secure places for several pupils at leading drama schools and the National Youth Theatre. Of course, not every drama pupil has an ambition to be a professional actor. We encourage all pupils to extend and express themselves, and enjoy the many benefits this can bring.

To support their studies, we take pupils to the theatre and have notable practitioners come to us. Drama trips lead us further afield – to see shows on Broadway, or to LA for a taste of the film industry.

We have a justified reputation for the quality of our own public performances, with casting open to everyone. We participate in the Shakespeare Schools Festival, and school productions are showcased in the Festival on the Hill, the school’s annual arts festival.

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