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Physical Education

Physical Education

The sports department aims to engender a love for sports and physical activity in all pupils. To that end we provide a varied range of activities on the Physical Education curriculum where there is something for everyone.

Pupils in L5 and M5 experience a rotation of activities in their weekly Physical Education lessons, including invasion games, net games, tennis, rounders, athletics, trampolining and dance. We seek to draw out the creative side of our pupils, not only in an aesthetic sense but to develop their ability to adapt and refine their ideas in all areas. Pupils will be challenged in different ways as the team player is not always a dancer and the trampolinist not always a tactical magician.

Pupils in the U5 are able to choose a termly activity option, including badminton, basketball, football, health and fitness, tennis and rounders. We aim to encourage this year group to form good habits for life and talk about the importance of exercise as a tool to relieve stress and enhance well-being, particularly during examination and revision periods. Personal development is important and there are opportunities for the development of leadership, communication, problem solving and evaluation.



Games is an important part of the curriculum for physical and mental development and all pupils will take part in an afternoon of activity each week. Those wishing to play in team sports (Netball, Hockey, Football, Cricket, Tennis) will have training sessions and fixtures during this time.

Non team players in U5 will be able to choose a termly option, which include horse riding, climbing, golf, fitness, strength and conditioning and badminton.

Non team players in L5 and M5 pupils will take part in various activities from basketball to ultimate frisbee, swimming to climbing.


Sport in the Sixth Form

The wellbeing of all our pupils is of paramount importance and we provide a wide variety of opportunities for sport and exercise at Sixth Form level. This remains a timetabled lesson within the curriculum and we are proud to be one of the only schools in the Canterbury area to provide for all at Key Stage 5.

Team sport continues to a high level in football, hockey, netball, cricket and tennis with fixtures against local and high profile schools such as Eton and Charterhouse. Expert coaching is provided by our skilled and committed team of sports staff, which includes former international players. Those not wishing to play competitive sport may choose from activities including fitness classes, strength and conditioning, golf, climbing, badminton, basketball, equestrian and recreational football. We have strong links with local clubs who provide coaching in the more specialised activities.


Academic Sport

At Key Stage 4, GCSE level, our Cambridge National Certificate in Sport Science helps students appreciate how science underpins sport at all levels. They learn about anatomy, physiology, injury prevention, improving personal fitness through appropriate training and diet, and the role of psychology in improving performance.

Assessed by coursework and examination, our pupils submit regular assignments. Time is spent developing their ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, and gaining a better understanding of the complexity of different areas of sport.

Taught by our experienced staff in both the classroom and in practical situations, this course is ideal for those who have a passion for sport and may wish to study sport and exercise science at a higher level in the future.

At Key Stage 5, Sixth Form level, we offer the Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity. This allows a more in-depth study of sport and associated issues including anatomy and physiology, sports coaching and leadership, sports organisation and development, nutrition, injuries and rehabilitation, sociology and psychology.

A wide range of centre-assessed units, coupled with two examined units, leads to a comprehensive theoretical knowledge of factors that underpin sport. These support the development of transferrable skills required by universities such as communication, problem solving, time management, research and analytical skills. Those wishing to study sport at a higher level should consider this excellent course.

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