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St Edmund’s School operates an online uniform service with This service provides all items of uniform together with name tag application.

As the summer period is particularly busy, it is essential that all parents place their uniform orders well before term starts, to allow time for returns if necessary.

Sports Equipment

Our priority is to ensure that pupils remain as safe as possible on the games field. Certain items of equipment are therefore essential.

  • Football boots – studs should not be made of plastic. Ideally they should be of composition rubber, in conformity with British safety standards. Many team players and all pupils in L5 and M5 will need Astro trainers to enable them to play football or hockey on an Astroturf pitch.
  • Shin pads – compulsory for football and hockey
  • Mouth guards – must be worn by all pupils playing hockey. The guards fitted by dentists are expensive, but cheaper versions are available from sports shops. If in doubt, please consult one of the Games staff. Professional fitting can be arranged in school at the start of the year.
  • Cricket protection – pads and gloves are provided by the school but all other forms of protection should be purchased at a sports shop. Helmets are provided by the school, however team players may provide their own. Each player will need his own ‘box’ (abdominal protector).
  • Games equipment – apart from the above, all necessary games equipment is provided by the school. However, all pupils in L5 and M5 must have their own hockey stick and tennis racquet. These should be marked clearly with the pupil’s name.