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Mathematics & Further Mathematics

Mathematics & Further Mathematics

At St Edmund’s we consider it vital that all pupils have the very best education in Mathematics, and this is especially important for those with a love of the sciences, technology and engineering. More broadly, a mastery of the subject is necessary for everyday living and understanding the world in which we live.

Our teachers share a love of learning and, between them, bring distinctive skills to the classroom. Two are external examiners for examination boards, and all hold degrees in Mathematics – one a master’s degree and another a doctorate. Staff have a passion for the subject, and employ a variety of approaches to teaching and learning, designed to ensure the active participation of all pupils.

We have high expectations for all of our pupils and set challenging targets, with the most talented mathematicians encouraged to further their understanding with the aim of continuing their studies into the Sixth Form and beyond. Enjoyment and the right support is key to pupils’ high performance, and to this end we offer enrichment opportunities and weekly clinics away from the classroom.

Our aim is that all pupils should achieve a passing qualification regardless of ability, and our excellent results confirm the value of our approach.

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