St Edmund's



We take a practical, hands-on approach to Chemistry that both challenges and supports pupils to become critical and imaginative scientists.

Our highly experienced, specialist staff come from a range a range of backgrounds, and cover the subject with a particular emphasis on experimental and enquiry-based work. Importantly, they are as approachable as they are demanding, and encourage all students to share their own deep passion for the subject.

Beyond laboratory and classroom, the Department is a member of the Learn Chemistry Partnership of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and we encourage pupils to take part in events such as Salter’s Festivals of Chemistry, the Plastic in the Ocean Science Week Competition and the Chemistry Rediscovered video competition. A strong relationship with University of Kent sees pupils visit the analytical facilities at the School of Physical Sciences and Lower Sixth students take advantage of work experience opportunities.

For those pupils seeking to specialise in Chemistry, St Edmund’s has much to offer. The school has an impressive track record for A-level Chemists going on to study Chemistry- related subjects, including Medicine, at degree level, aided by our use of new and influential science literature in lessons, and embracing of new technologies.


“Chemistry at St. Edmund’s provides both creative and academic stimulation, with an abundance of opportunities for experience and wider learning.” - Fergus Jimenez-England, Lower Sixth