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At St Edmund’s we take seriously our duty to ensure that pupils are equipped to tackle the challenges and responsibilities that life can put in front of them. Accordingly, our Personal, Social, and Economic Education (PSHEE) programme is designed to ensure their wellbeing, and to provide them with the skills and aptitudes they need – to become both the best learners they can be and valuable members of our community. PSHEE is taught under three main topic headings: Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World & Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).

Our enthusiastic and experienced team works closely with medical and other staff to deliver our programme – through dedicated lessons, and as part of every subject in the curriculum as well as the day-to-day routine of the school

The PSHEE programme looks in depth at how we organise our lives and our society, and how we approach the social and moral issues which affect us all.   It is an arena in which teenagers can explore, debate, talk freely, and learn from the experience of others, as well as from informed adults.  Issues covered include drugs, alcohol use and abuse, smoking, sex and healthy relationships, sexuality, parenthood, boundaries, morality, decision-making, respect for others, conflict management, bullying and cyber-bullying, food and diet, sleep, stress management, revision techniques, careers and the future.

A vital part of the PSHEE syllabus is to equip our pupils with the knowledge that they need to deal with the increasingly complex world in which we live, and to ensure that they are able to make informed choices.  Many of the issues we discuss are topics on which young people have strongly held opinions.  The opportunity to express their own opinions and hear the ideas of others in a supportive and safe environment is a vital part of our pupils’ emotional and moral development. 

Parts of the PSHEE curriculum are non-statutory; it therefore allows teachers the flexibility to deliver high-quality teaching to reflect the needs of our pupils. Teachers are best placed to understand the needs of their pupils; due to rising trends of specific year groups, safeguarding or pastoral incidences as well as looking at local and national data for young people.

In September 2020 updated statutory guidance came into effect where by relationships education (primary) and relationships and sex education (RSE) (secondary) has to be taught in schools. PSHEE teaching staff have all completed RSE training and are confident and comfortable teaching PSHEE topics.

Teacher Profiles

Mrs Sharon Scally

Mr James Clapp

My job is to ensure that all pupils widen their knowledge in topics which will help them make informed decisions now and, in the future, to help them to live a healthy, happy, positive lifestyle.   Sharon Scally