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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Joining St Edmund’s from overseas offers pupils huge opportunities and a gateway to the best universities in the world. To reach their full academic potential, and to participate in school life, pupils with English as a second language can access support from the EAL Department in developing the necessary language proficiency.

We focus on two major exams: IGCSE English as a Second Language in the Fifth Form, and IELTS in the Sixth. These give the students the formal qualifications they need to go on A-levels, and from there to enter university or any other institution where courses are delivered in English. EAL pupils have gone on to gain places at some of the top British universities.

Pupils who do well are the ones who take advantage of opportunities to speak English and take part in school life. Accordingly, we aim to provide international learners with the tools and strategies to access the school’s curriculum, and the social and cultural knowledge to help them experience St Edmund’s fully.

We assess the level of EAL support each pupil needs through testing and discussion at application, combined with a thorough analysis on arrival. Once with us, pupils benefit from small classes and one-to-one tuition to ensure maximum opportunities for progress. We aim to instil a passion for the English language and a rich cultural experience for pupils through film, literature and visits to places of historical interest.

Approach and Ethos

Pupils learn rapidly and are assessed regularly, with feedback on progress given to parents and guardians. Extra help is offered to pupils with managing individual subjects where they have difficulty, either by means of dedicated CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) materials, or in-class support.

Our team has expertise in phonics and speech training, language structure and systems, English for academic purposes, communication and cultural awareness, and learner development and cross-curricular support. We have taught widely in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and bring a wealth of experience of teaching in schools and universities across the world.

The EAL Department holds regular meetings with boarding staff, subject heads and school management to ensure the achievement of our International pupils.

The EAL centre

The EAL centre is equipped with a library of English language learning materials, computer and digital resources, smart screens and audio; and offers rich and challenging course content. We encourage pupils to use our online web resources, and use technology to support their learning. Individualised glossaries and cross-curricula content are organised to be accessible to pupils taking a range of subjects.