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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education – CCF & DoE

Once a staple of education in the UK, learning outdoors is seeing a revival in the UK for the unique learning opportunities that it presents. St Edmund’s is an enthusiastic advocate of outdoor education, with our distinctive interpretation offering pupils confidence and self-esteem through the completion of challenging activities; skills in communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork; an appreciation of physical activity; and expanded horizons.

The Outdoor Education Department was formed when we brought together the Combined Cadet Force and the Duke of Edinburgh Award, through which we offer two programmes of activity. On joining the Senior School, pupils can elect to work through the Army Proficiency Certificate Basic Modules and towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award. Modules are taught by pupil NCOs, overseen by qualified Outdoor Education staff.

As they move through the school, pupils can develop their skills further through either the Combined Cadet Force or Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, with many choosing to complete both

Being active outdoors can be extremely rewarding, and never more so that when it is fun as well as challenging. Accordingly, we look to provide pupils with unforgettable experiences – both within the school’s beautiful grounds and elsewhere, including National Parks and army training areas across the UK.

Outdoor Education main events:

CCF field days and exercises

In addition to the weekly programme, the CCF undertakes field days and overnight exercise; firing range days; Army competitions, and residential adventurous training in Wales, Dartmoor and the Lake District; and a summer camp.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions

For the completion of a successful expedition pupils are required to complete a full training day, plan for their expedition, and complete practice and assessed expeditions.

Besides these main events, pupils can also take part in activities including mountain biking, climbing, bouldering, kayaking and orienteering.

“This is something I never thought I could do or would like, but I love expeditions now. Outdoor Education week was awesome – it was tough at times, but I did it with my friends which was brilliant.” St Edmunds Pupil