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Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Design and technology affect every aspect of our lives. Think of almost any issue that challenges the modern world – climate change, superbugs, affordable housing – and people with STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) will be working to devise solutions. DT is an inspiring subject concerned with the generation and development of ideas through creative processes that lead to new and improved products.

DT is available to Years 6-13 in our fully-equipped workshops. Our tailored practical projects ensure that pupils develop vital practical skills and manual dexterity. The Department offers high-quality subject knowledge and teaching, and we keep up to date with developments through social media groups, vlogs, blogs and experts from local businesses.

GCSE students have manufactured a hovercraft, ballgowns, electronic reward charts which encourage healthy lifestyles, contemporary grandfather clocks, and sustainably-designed go karts – to name just a few. We are proud of the face that GCSE and A-level prototype products make a difference to people in our wider community, such as the sustainably-designed and manufactured  Vespa-inspired rollator which has improved the life of a client with Dwarfism and Cerebal Palsy.

Beyond the classroom, we participate in London Design Week, and trips have included prop- making and stage design workshops at Harry Potter Studio, Coca Cola, the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A, and the Design Museum.

“DT has broadened my perception of products I use and see in everyday life and taught me vital thing about the economy. I think this is clearly something that will prove useful to me, as I think I am now quite a discerning and environmentally aware consumer. My DT lessons certainly sparked an interest, and I hope to have a career in advertising.” - Nathaniel Florence Wratten

“I really like the way our teacher gets involved and gives her input. I find it particularly helpful when she helps me move forward in a topic I’m passionate about, and doesn’t hold me back. For example, she won’t make you draw if you don’t like drawing but instead help you find another way of involving that idea in your project.” - Daisy Lord