St Edmund's



Dance at St Edmund’s is both exhilarating and liberating to study. Amy Payne, the school’s dance teacher and choreographer, brings many years of professional experience with her to work creatively with our pupils in and out of the classroom. 

The standard of her work is astonishing in its quality and brings with it a sense of joy to all those on the stage and those watching in the sell out crowds. 

Dance is very much at the heart of our creative output and is always a highlight of the school year – who can ever forget the brilliant performances of our pupils in St Ed’s Go Dancing at the Festival in 2022?  Dance can be a huge force for good, effectively drawing people together and levelling everyone through sheer hard work. 

GCSE Dance helps pupils develop technical and expressive skills as well as knowledge and understanding of dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of dance.  Dance and ‘movement’ are also incorporated into the many IGCSE and A-level Drama practical performances for examination and have helped us achieve grades continually at the top of the mark scheme.