Academic life

The Joy of Learning

The curriculum is broad and flexible, giving all the opportunity to excel. In the Lower Fifth, pupils develop the habits to feed a lifelong love of learning, and are exposed to a wide range of subjects and co-curricular opportunities.

There is plenty of investigative project work across subjects, and the Philosophy course enables pupils to explore society and the self in relation to the evolution of ideas. At GCSE, Middle and Upper Fifth pupils follow routes that most stimulate their curiosity, and the curriculum becomes more rigorous with a focus on examination success.

Senior Academic Life 2

Dynamic teaching ensures that classes are varied, inspiring and engaging for all. We introduce advanced concepts and rich subject knowledge, and challenge pupils to become independent learners – reading widely, thinking freely, questioning, discussing and inventing. Each academic department organises events through its own society, complemented by regular ‘Curiosity Shop’ talks – led by visiting speakers, and introducing pupils to ideas and issues within and beyond the curriculum.

Senior Academic life

Creativity is recognised and celebrated at St Edmund’s – whether devising a plan of attack on the sports field, prioritising prep commitments or interpreting a piece of music or film. It both sets our pupils apart today, and will prove invaluable to them in the future.

Sixth Form

Sixth Formers are encouraged to think critically and to question world issues of political, ethical and spiritual importance. They benefit from an extremely wide range of subject choices, with high-quality learning punctuated by regular meaningful assessment. This interval learning approach enables them to gain valuable examination practice and achieve the best possible results. The Academic Enrichment Programme allows for extension and development of interests, and many pupils complete the Extended Project Qualification – an invaluable opportunity to follow a rigorous research programme.

At A-level it is more gratifying to investigate and interrogate an academic subject than to learn by rote, and so intellectual ambition, exploration and invention are key elements of the curriculum. Our expert teachers share passion for their subjects which, combined with their role as academic mentors, ensures that they inspire, push and support pupils in every aspect of their learning.