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Going Places

Going Places

The St Edmund’s school journey is a learning experience for life, something to enjoy, and a means to a highly specific end – the right next destination for each pupil.


We ensure the best possible options for each pupil through our progression process. Our Head of Progression works closely the Heads of Sixth Form and Careers to gain a full picture of each pupil’s needs and skills, so that tailored one-to-one support can be provided for all university applications.

We take pride in knowing our pupils and helping them to make the right applications for them – in whatever field they may be.   In addition, our Early Applicants programme for Medical and Oxbridge applicants provides preparation and support for interviews and admissions tests.

Subjects that pupils choose to study range from Archaeology to Veterinary Science, and the vast majority of our pupils gain excellent offers from their preferred university choices.


Pupils’ intellectual appetites, capacity to think creatively and strong A-level results mean that they are attractive to top universities in the UK and internationally.

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Whilst some of our pupils prefer to study in and around the South East, many travel throughout the UK and beyond: St Edmund’s pupils apply for courses at universities from Aberystwyth to York, and abroad in Canada, Japan and the USA. We help our pupils to identify the right course for them, and then do all we can to make it happen.

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